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For decades, ViaSat has been on the front lines protecting classified data from sophisticated, well-funded attacks. We’re now applying that technology, experience, and personnel to secure high-value corporate data and networks. Through our innovative tools and customizable services, we help you optimize your cybersecurity program and build on existing investments to affordably reduce risk.

New Product

ViaSat SEC-1170 High-Speed Ethernet Encryptor

The ViaSat SEC-1170 is the industry's first single-port 100 Gbps encryption device designed to scale from 10 to 40 to 100 Gbps, enabling customers to maintain the same security infrastructure while accommodating demand for more bandwidth.

As enterprises evolve to keep up with the growing need for 24/7 “content on demand,” it has become increasingly important to ensure information transferred between corporate headquarters, data centers, and end-users is protected. The SEC-1170 high-speed Ethernet encryptor provides a scalable way to secure data in transit for cloud computing, big data processing, and other content-rich applications.

With this trusted encryption appliance, users gain the power to encrypt a true 100 Gbps point-to-point or point-to-multipoint data channel, providing end-to-end network protection in a single 1RU box with the industry’s lowest latency Layer-2 encryption.

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