ThetaRay is a leading provider of revolutionary unknown threat detection for financial organizations and critical infrastructure. Delivering disruptive products that enable customers to uncover the most complex, destructive, unknown cyber security and operational threats, ThetaRay’s platform is based on a patented core of sophisticated data-agnostic algorithms that automatically detect threats.

New Product

Advanced AML Solution for Financial Institutions

ThetaRay offers the industry’s first math-based, rule-free, multi-domain AML solution with the unique ability to converge multi-domain data. The solution is context-free and requires no preliminary knowledge of the bank's clients or operations. Given the wealth of data available from such multiple sources, ThetaRay's solution is able to analyze hundreds of millions in transactions from multiple sources in near real-time, thereby delivering high detection rates, combined with industry-low false positive levels.
ThetaRay’s award-winning big data analytics solution ultimately helps banks reduce the number of false-positives, resulting in multiple benefits: lower personnel costs, reduced compliance risks, automatic and accurate adherence to regulation and detection of unknown ML activities.

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