The Media Trust

The Media Trust is the client-side malware scanner for the world’s most-trafficked websites, acting as a SOC for their web/mobile properties. Using a variety of device, OS/browser, geographic, and user-behavior combinations, our proprietary technology continuously scans millions of websites & ad tags, yielding original source, real-time malware data that helps enterprises block malicious activity.

New Product

Digital Threat Intelligence

A threat feed, Digital Threat Intelligence (DTI) provides real-time, actionable intelligence that is 100% derived from The Media Trust's continuous, 24/7 monitoring of the digital media ecosystem, specifically compromised third-party website code and advertisements.

Leveraging a panoramic view of the digital ecosystem gained through constant monitoring of websites, mobile apps and digital advertising across a variety of online and mobile browser/OS, device, geography and user profile combinations, DTI delivers real-time qualitative and quantitative information on actual malware attacking the most heavily-trafficked websites visited by employees and everyday consumers.

Never before have CIOs and CISOs had access to this level of real-time, tactical threat intel; and no other feed can protect an enterprise's networks, digital properties and the everyday Internet activity of their employees like DTI.

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