Peach Fuzzer

Peach Fuzzer is a security testing company that provides advanced and extensible testing solutions. Through leading-edge products, including its robust fuzzing platform, Peach Fuzzer offers customizable testing strategies for software developers, consultants, enterprise QA teams, and other clients involved in the testing phase of the security development lifecycle.

New Product

New Peach Pit Protocols: BACnet, DNP3, ERPS, SNMPv3; and new Canbus Publisher

New Peach Pits focus on industrial control and on security network services:

BACnet – is a communications protocol for managing HVAC and other systems in buildings.

DNP3 - is an interoperability protocol established for the electric utility industry for SCADA applications.

ERPS - provides protection and recovery switching for Ethernet traffic in a ring topology.

SNMPv3 –enhances cryptographic security and remote configuration to the SNMP protocol.

And the new Canbus publisher communicates with Canbus microcontrollers and connected devices. The Canbus publisher supports custom pit development to interface with Canbus systems and connected devices.

These new Peach Pits and the new Canbus publisher allow our clients to experience expand their fuzz testing capabilities across a wide range of scenarios and protocols.

Peach Fuzzer: Discover Unknown Vulnerabilities

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