ObserveIT is the world’s leading Insider Threat Management solution helping customers detect insider threat and stop data loss. ObserveIT combines user monitoring, behavioral analytics, and irrefutable visual forensics. ObserveIT is the most effective insider threat management solution to prioritize investigations, analyze user risk, and change the behavior of bad actors and unwitting users.

New Product

New ObserveIT v 6.5

ObserveIT version 6.5 addresses the root cause of security incidents – people. Nearly all security incidents stem from people - whether it’s getting infected, misbehaving or making innocent mistakes. ObserveIT enforces security policy and prevents unauthorized activity - eliminating risk at its source. By mitigating insider threats and cutting the number of security incidents in half, ObserveIT delivers an instant ROI.
The new version of ObserveIT Insider Threat Management:
• Educates employees with policy notifications – increasing security awareness across the enterprise
• Prevents unauthorized and malicious activity with policy enforcement – cutting security incidents in half
• Doubles library of Package Analytics – detecting thousands of known risky behavior patterns
• Adds dynamic forensic recording for high-risk activity— reducing investigations to hours instead of weeks
• Enriches employee monitoring by capturing file movement and USB activity – achieve deeper visibility

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