Nexusguard is the global leader in fighting malicious Internet attacks, protecting clients against a multitude of threats, including DDoS attacks, to ensure uninterrupted Internet service. Nexusguard provides highly customized solutions for customers of all types and enables turnkey anti-DDoS solutions for service providers. Headquartered in San Francisco, Nexusguard’s network extends globally.

New Product

Nexusguard Origin Protection Service

Nexusguard Origin Protection Service assures the availability of systems on the Internet against layer and vector-space network attacks. Leveraging Nexusguard’s next-gen network, the service delivers threat detection, visibility, and reporting within a single, consolidated interface. Your organization can gain access to peering communities and optimized BGP routing paths. While under attack, our Security Operations Center (SOC) optimizes the delivery of global traffic to 10 strategically distributed scrubbing (POP) facilities.

Origin Protection Service acts as the Internet edge of the protected network. By establishing BGP peering sessions with Nexusguard’s robust network, you retain complete control over network operations, while strengthening your organization’s security posture. Nexusguard analyzes, fingerprints, and mitigates traffic, then sends clean traffic over virtual tunnels or direct fiber connections, ensuring uninterrupted availability for your business-critical systems.

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