MediaPro, Inc.

MediaPro is the leading provider of web-based privacy and information security awareness courseware. We are recognized by Gartner as a “Leader” in the security awareness training market. A library of award-winning training topics give you the flexibility to “mix and match” content to meet your exact needs. Courseware customization, localization, hosting, posters and animations are also available.

New Product

Adaptive Awareness Portal

MediaPro has revolutionized the monitoring and delivery of any security, privacy, or compliance awareness program with its SAAS-based Adaptive Awareness Portal. This cloud-based platform enables executive stakeholders and program administrators to report on any element of their program from a single integrated interface. There is no reason to cobble together a solution from home-grown or multi-vendor solutions. Instead, using the Adaptive Awareness Portal, you can survey employees; run phishing campaigns; plan year-round programs; deliver training; and offer continuous reinforcement (in the forms of videos and games), all from a single interface. The use of Dashboards allows anyone to visualize relationships from the data generated by connected services, providing evidence about where the program is working and where it needs to improve. Most importantly, this allows administrators to provide executive insight into the ROI on efforts to turn end users into positive agents for change.

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