Invincea is the market-leading solution for advanced malware threat detection, breach prevention and forensic threat intelligence. The Invincea platform provides organizations of all sizes with coverage against the largest attack surface for cyber-breach attacks aimed at end-users in the form of spear-phishing, drive-by download exploits, poisoned search results and user-initiated infections.

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Invincea Advanced Endpoint Protection

Invincea combines leading endpoint detection and response technology with real-time blocking to detect attacks other tools miss and stop what others can’t.
Unlike other tools that rely on one technique to stop endpoint attacks, Invincea’s platform uses three advanced approaches to stop today’s greatest endpoint threats. Machine Learning Based Anti-Malware prevents malware from executing. Behavioral Monitoring stops file-less attacks and trusted programs that have been exploited. A lightweight Virtual Container isolates spear-phishing attacks and other untrusted content from the underlying host. All three approaches are necessary to stop the broad range of attacks your organization faces. Invincea combines these capabilities in a single, lightweight agent.
With stronger prevention and more accurate detection, Invincea allows you to replace legacy anti-virus with the endpoint protection you’ve been seeking.

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