Certified Security Solutions (CSS)

Certified Security Solutions (CSS) leads the market in IoT & enterprise digital identity security for data, devices & applications. Visit us at RSA to learn how the VerdeTTo™ IoT & enterprise identity platforms, software & managed services simplify the design, deployment, monitoring & management of trusted digital identities, making authentication scalable, flexible & affordable.

New Product

VerdeTTo IoT Identity Platform & VerdeTTo Enterprise Identity Platform

The VerdeTTo Identity Platforms is a scalable cloud-based solution that creates and manages digital identities used for device authentication, data encryption, and secure communication in IoT and enterprise scenarios. VerdeTTo validates the identification of every individual device, in order to ensure that its data is authenticated and encrypted. Issuing a unique digital identity to every device, whether at time of manufacturing or post-production, VerdeTTo manages identity lifecycles to ensure trust is maintained during the authentication of communication and validation of data transfer.

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