ThreatBook is China's first threat intelligence company. Armed with a deep understanding of China's security threat landscape and innovative data analysis methodology that covers extensive data sources, we strive to fulfill our mission to deliver accurate, reliable threat intelligence to protect internet users and secure the world.

New Product

ThreatBook Intelligence Platform (TIP)

Subscription based on threat intelligence service. Delivers accurate, up to date and comprehensive threat intelligence data with extendable model, including machine readable IOC and threat analysis report. Aids in the timely detection of threats and incidents, and provides guidance for targeted threat incident response. It works with Threatbook SaaS-based sandbox and multiple AV engine analysis service ( : Combines various world class virus detection engines with sandbox analysis capability and provides multi-factor data correlation analysis (IP, Domain name, WOIS, GEO), to enable more streamline, efficient and comprehensive virus analysis tasks. Combines with Mobile App Analysis Service: Provides all rounded discovery and tracking of malicious mobile apps, supported by a situational awareness network analysis which covered 99% mobile apps in China. All-day monitoring and security analysis of targeted apps.

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