Vormetric, Inc.

Vormetric’s comprehensive high-performance data security platform helps companies move confidently and quickly. Our seamless and scalable platform is the most effective way to protect data wherever it resides—any file, database and application in any server environment. Advanced transparent encryption, powerful access controls and centralized key management let organizations encrypt everything efficiently, with minimal disruption. Regardless of content, database or application—whether physical, virtual or in the cloud—Vormetric Data Security enables confidence, speed and trust by encrypting the data that builds business. Please visit: and find us on Twitter @Vormetric.

New Product

Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway Now Securing Microsoft OneDrive

Cloud storage and collaboration platforms create operational and cost efficiencies for sharing and storing data. However, organizations are often hampered in taking advantage of these platforms or find that they are in violation of compliance standards when sensitive data moves off premises. The Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway has expanded its support to include Microsoft OneDrive and Caringo. Now these environments, like Box and Amazon S3, can be controlled by IT by enforcing on-premises encryption and key management. In addition, the platform delivers policy based access control and reporting. The result is accelerated, safe and compliant use of cloud storage.

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