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RSA Conference was created in 1991 so infosec professionals could reach out to each other and collectively address growing cyber security threats. Over the course of those 25 years, RSA Conference fostered connections not only among the information security community, but also between IT and other parts of the enterprise, private and public sectors, and the past, present and future.

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AT&T Park

Thursday, March 3rd
6:00pm – 10:00pm

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Tuesday, March 1st
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Themes of the past 25 conferences.


Edgar Allen Poe2009: Edgar Allen Poe
Poe was fascinated by cryptography, which he often treated in his journalism and fiction. He concealed anagrams and hidden messages in his own poems. His famous story - The Gold Bug - centers on the solution of a cipher, which turns out to be a map to hidden private treasure.

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Maya2003: The Secrets of the Maya
Originating in the Yucatan around 2600 B.C., the Maya rose to prominence around A.D. 250 in what is now present-day southern Mexico, Guatemala, western Honduras, El Salvador, and northern Belize.

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Norse1999: Norse/Viking Runestones
In the ninth century, Scandinavians developed two 16-rune "futharks", or alphabets, whose ease of use and wide acceptance caused a surge in literacy in the ancient Viking world. It is during this age of innovation that the Rok Stone (Rokstenen) of Ostergotland, Sweden, was created.

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What were your favorites 25 years ago?

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Terminator 2What was your favorite movie that was released in 1991?

Terminator 2:
Judgement Day

REMWhat was your favorite song from 1991?

Losing My Religion

Why do you value RSA Conference?

Ira WinklerIra Winkler, President, Secure Mentem

25 years of RSA Conference mirrors the information security industry as a whole. It started out with a room full of people deep in technology. Over time, it began growing to incorporate people with broader security skill sets, but was still a niche conference in a larger market. It began to attract people from outside the security profession with interest in security. It has since grown into the must-attend event of the year, with everyone going, attracting people from all aspects of the security and technology fields, and high level government representatives. Even when controversy has followed, it became an issue that goes into mainstream venues. As other conferences have come and gone, RSA Conference has matched the expansion of the field. Its tracks represent more than a dozen specialties within the field of security. It continues to attract people who are interested in, but have nothing to do with, information security. Again, at every level, 25 years of RSA Conference’s evolution parallel the evolution of the entire field. It is for this reason RSA Conference is the best representation of the security field as a whole.

Hoyt KestersonHoyt Kesterson, Senior Security Architect, Terra Verde

At the second or third conference (which was held in the Sofitel in Redwood City) Warwick Ford, Stephen Kent, and I were in a huddle discussing certificate revocation lists. There was a presentation going on in the meeting room—there was only one meeting room—but we were in the small break area right outside the door. I glanced up to see Jim Bidzos walking by us. He was looking at us with a smile on his face. I suspect he was pleased to see that the conference created an opportunity for people who would normally be using email to gather together for technical discussions. That gathering together continues today. There are presentations and there are vendor booths but frequently it’s the conversations outside the meeting rooms that provide the most value.

Janette JarvisJeannette Jarvis, Director, Product Management, Intel Security

Over the last 20+ years of attending, I have watched RSA Conference evolve from being exclusively a cryptography conference to one that is an all-encompassing, comprehensive forum discussing the latest in security technologies, research, policies, regulations, hacking, forensics, best practices and so much more. I won’t miss this event. The conference is chock full of interesting and compelling speakers discussing the latest in security concerns. RSA Conference is by far the best networking event in the industry. Everybody is here. Attendees are a veritable Who’s Who in the worldwide security community. From stately “old timers” that take residence in the front and center of the exhibition hall, to the newest start-ups offering fresh thought leadership transformed into forward-thinking products.

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