Gus de los Reyes

Executive Director, Technology Security, AT&T Security Research Center, AT&T

Gus de los Reyes leads the AT&T Security Research Center. He guides research on very large scale problems in dynamic areas such as, mobility and cellular, cloud computing, networking, and data mining. His team searches for ways to utilize the power of the network for new security architectures and mechanisms. He has been working on security since 1998, beginning with WorldNet, the first consumer Internet service from AT&T. Since then, he was responsible for defining the security architecture and security requirements for key AT&T IP Services, including Business and Consumer VoIP. Before joining AT&T, he designed digital control systems for General Electric Aircraft Engines. He has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and a BSME and MSE from MIT.

Gus’s sessions at USA 2015

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