Corey Kallenberg

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder, LegbaCore

Corey Kallenberg is the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of LegbaCore LLC, who has spent several years investigating operating system and firmware security on Intel computers. In 2012, he co-authored work presented at DEF CON and IEEE S&P, on using timing based attestation to detect Windows kernel hooks. In 2013, he helped discover critical problems with current implementations of the Trusted Computing Group's "Static Root of Trust for Measurement.quot; Later, he discovered several vulnerabilities which allowed bypassing of "signed BIOS enforcement" on a number of systems, allowing an attacker to make malicious modifications to the firmware. Recently, Kallenberg has presented attacks against UEFI SecureBoot. He is currently continuing to research the security of UEFI and the Intel architecture.

Corey’s sessions at USA 2015

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