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Why you need to attend RSA Conference 2015.

As our 2015 theme suggests, info security is an ever-changing industry. In order to stay ahead of threats, you need to challenge today’s security thinking.

RSA Conference 2015 delivers an engaging experience that will inspire and empower you. It is the ideal venue to discover a full breadth of new approaches, demo the latest technology and interact with security leaders. In short, it’s an opportunity to tap into the power of a smart, forward-thinking global community that will drive your business and career forward.

What you can expect at this year’s conference:

More tracks. 23 in all, along with new tracks like C-Suite, Identity and Securing the Ecosystem

More conference sessions. Over 300 highly relevant sessions, led by some of the industry’s top experts. Peer2Peer sessions enable groups that share a common interest to come together and explore a specific security topic. Learning Labs offer in-depth learning and high interactivity before, during and after the Conference. These two-hour Labs will help senior security information practitioners develop skills while engaging with peers and learning from experts.

More speakers. Over 500 speakers from across the industry. See our list of keynote speakers.

More exhibitors. Meet representatives from over 400 companies, including sponsors such as Microsoft, Intel, HP, Cisco, Symantec, IBM and more.

Crowdsourcing. Vote on the sessions you want this year! We’ll include 12 sessions (in addition to existing current conference tracks) based on your feedback.

Innovation Sandbox. See promising young companies who are developing the next generation of cyber security solutions. Think your company has an innovative technology you’d like to highlight at the conference? Submit your proposal now!

RSA Conference is the industry’s largest global info security event. Only here will you have access to—and be a part of—the brightest, most engaged community in the industry. Register for RSA Conference now.

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