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Janus Technologies creates products and solutions that deliver trust, security and monitoring to a broad range of computing devices. Our latest product is the Janus Secure Computer, which features our patented processor chip, the Security Processor Unit™. This revolutionary new chip handles a variety of security tasks in hardware inside the endpoint computer. Visit us in booth 2725 for a demo.

New Product

Janus Secure Computing Platform

Janus Technologies is proud to introduce the Janus Secure Computing Platform, based on our new and innovative architecture: the “Hardware-Defined Security Perimeter.” This architecture provides a new hardware platform for securing and managing computing endpoints. Underpinning this architecture is the Security Processor Unit (SPU™). The Janus Secure Computing Platform includes the Janus Secure Computer and the Janus Management System. The solution provides IT administrators with the tools and infrastructure to deploy, integrate, and manage the new Janus Secure Computers. The Janus Secure Computer is the first product to utilize the Hardware-Defined Security Perimeter architecture. At its heart is the Security Processor Unit, or SPU, which secures every single input-output interface. Every bit of information passing in and out of the computer is processed by the SPU. The SPU isolates, monitors, records, firewalls and encrypts every I/O interface: HDMI, USB, Networking, Audio, and SATA. The SPU enables network firewalling, VPN, USB encryption and gatekeeping, storage encryption and virus search, display watermarking and recording. The SPU serves as a root of trust for a secure computer boot, BIOS authentication and upgrade, networking services (DNS) and Certificate Authority. Data processing in the SPU is transparent to a host processor (e.g. Intel i5 or i7); there is no need to install additional software or drivers. Data processing in the SPU does not impact the computer’s performance, and in some cases the computer’s performance improves, because of offloading some CPU-intensive tasks to hardware accelerators of the SPU. The Janus Management System manages, provisions, configures and monitors multiple Janus Secure Computers, with policy-based group management and operation scheduling. It is an essential component for large system deployments. The Janus Management System can establish a baseline of user, network, and device activity. Activity anomalies will trigger notifications to administrators, assisting in the detection and mitigation of potential threats. The Janus Management System records all user and device activity from each Janus Secure Computer. This includes: keyboard strokes; mouse movements; USB activity, display video, storage, network activity, and video surveillance of the user in front of the computer. This information is recorded in real-time and is visually rendered into our “Non-Linear Inspection Viewer”, a multi-pane, simultaneous depiction of all SPU-processed data mentioned above. The administrator can see exactly what the computer user was doing at any given time, what websites he viewed, and whether or not he was trying to transfer data out of the system. The Janus Management System allows administrators to view all user activity either in real time, or at a later date. This capability provides accountability, accelerates forensic analysis for accidents/incidents, and documents activity for regulatory compliance. This tool can also improve employee productivity, by ensuring that employees focus on work-related functions while at a Janus Secure Computer. The Janus Secure Computer and Janus Management System are fully integrated to form the Janus Secure Computing Platform. The Janus Secure Computing Platform is protected by 8 granted and published patents, and an additional 6 patents pending. The solution is now available for customers to evaluate and purchase.

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