With white hacker’s continuous research and a lot of pen tests, CUVEPIA could get lot of know-hows. The combination between hacking and anti-virus skill could be the base of CUVEPIA solutions. CUVEPIA provides real-time monitoring and analysis of endpoints to protect against advanced threats such as APT’s by quickly warning detection of abnormal behaviors and hacking activities.

New Product

KWON-GA Behavior Monitoring

Cuvepia’s KWON-GA Behavior Monitoring which is optimized for real-time hacking through our Intelligent Agent, collects and analyzes all kinds of information about hacking behaviors that happen to end-point system. Behavior Monitoring captures all kinds of hacking attacks and it helps digital forensic process to investigate the hacking attack because it captures all hacking behaviors in real-time and provide all hacking activities logs with specific and core information like exact drive paths, process ID(PID)/parent process ID(PPID), and alarms to notify hacking attacks. KWON-GA Behavior Monitoring’s another strength point is that we do not use any common security technic like Encryption, Virtualization, Packet analysis, and Hooking which cause performance degradation.

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