eGlobal Systems Co., Ltd.

eGlobal System Inc., established in Oct. 2004, is a DBMS security specialty company providing the highest performance DB encryption solutions based on plentiful experience and know-how on database security, management, and tuning.
There are more than 600 references from Hyundai, Samsung, SKTelecom, Volkswagen, ING insurance etc., including companies from diverse areas and public sectors such as the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, etc., and it is installed in more than 6,500 servers.

New Product


CubeOne has a unique structure that is suitable for application to the large-capacity DB, which stores important information (personal information). CubeOne encrypts important data, especially personal information data, in the servers of companies and public institutions to minimize hacking damages by preventing an origin for data leaks. In addition, unparalleled excellence was tested by many large-scale system development projects, and all customers are quite satisfied. The advantages of CubeOne are as follows: - Ability to index search for encrypted column - Outstanding performance for large volume of transaction processes due to the low performance drop for the encryption application - Secures perfect confidentiality of encrypted key - Ability to separate the authority of DB and security administrator, and to provide access control over not only external but also internal access; Ability to save and manage data access records and security policies

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