NPCore is a network and end-point security company and established in 2008 for developing specialized malware detection and response solutions in the anti-virus centric security market. NPCore has developed “Zombie ZERO” for TWO-LEVEL defense on APT attack which positions itself as a market leader and advances with leading product technologies among the competition with global security companies.

New Product

TWO-LEVEL APT Defense Solution ‘ Zombie ZERO’

APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) is a new hacking technique used by cyber criminals to persistently attack target victims using various methods(e-mail, web, etc.) until an objective is achieved. Zombie ZERO uses an agent-based behavioral defensive system which is installed on a PC and a network-based behavioral detecting system which analyzes files from packets through virtual machines. It is a new security solution designed to defend against new APT attacks and detect malware. Zombie ZERO provides powerful information security to prevent data exfiltration and network failures.

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