Link11 GmbH

Link11 is a leading vendor in DDoS protection and mitigation. The German security specialist has received numerous awards for its DDoS Protection solution „Made in Germany“. For its customers Link11 protects a trade volume of over 100 billion Dollars against DDoS attacks. In addition to its award-winning DDoS mitigation platform, Link11 offers fast and secure CDN services on a global basis.

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Link11 DDoS Protection

Defending DDoS “Made in Germany” The Link11 DDoS Protection solution is a leading global DDoS mitigation platform. E-commerce companies, banks, insurances and media companies trust German Link11 to protect their websites, networks and servers. Link11 is preventing downtime and the associated high costs for its customers, damage to their brand image, and the loss of consumer confidence. Link11 uses its patent pending filter technology both for its DDoS Protection via DNS forwarding and for the standby solution, where traffic is redirected via BGP.

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