ThetaRay is a leading provider of a revolutionary threat detection platform, delivering disruptive hyper dimensional big data analytics that enable customers to detect the most complex and destructive security and operational threats. ThetaRay serves the financial sector, industrial, and critical infrastructure organizations, enabling customers to transform threat detection and defeat the unknown.

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ThetaRay Analytics Platform

ThetaRay's platform provides real time detection of unprecedented, unknown threats, using big data analytics that simultaneously monitors and analyzes feature-rich big data from all sources in the organization. The platform present integration of any and all data sources into one central analytics base. No context, no rules: ThetaRay’s technology does not rely on any legacy detection methods like rules, patterns, signatures or heuristics. Math Based Anomaly detection leveraging ground-breaking, proprietary big data anomaly detection algorithms, tested and validated in over 9 years of academic research. Automated, unsupervised, with no need for any manual tuning or threshold setting. Available on premises or in the Cloud.

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