SentinelOne is reinventing endpoint security to protect organizations against advanced threats and nation state malware.
The company uses predictive execution inspection to detect and protect all devices against targeted, zero day threats in real time.
SentinelOne was formed by an elite team of cyber security and defense experts from Intel, McAfee, Checkpoint, IBM and the Israel Defense Forces.

New Product

SentinelOne Next Generation Endpoint Protection Platform

For enterprise IT professionals responsible for security, SentinelOne Next Generation Endpoint Protection Platform combines detection, response, and endpoint protection capabilities in a complete solution that stops advanced malware, zero-day attacks, and known threats. SentinelOne EPP moves beyond typical antivirus solutions to combat the advanced threats that AV cannot detect. Unlike traditional antivirus or endpoint detection and response solutions, our new and innovative platform offers a broad antivirus defense that does not rely on static signatures and proactively detects and mitigates advanced attacks while generating real-time forensics. The future is here, and SentinelOne EPP equips the enterprise for the threats yet to come.

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