SecuTech is a global leader in providing strong authentication and software licensing management solutions for Fortune 500 global corporations and government agencies. SecuTech’s comprehensive solutions focus from the protection of intellectual property, to assorted strong USB, TRRS and Apple Dock PKI authentication solutions across desktops and mobile platforms.

New Product

UniMate USB FIPS 140-2 Token

UniMate USB is a FIPS 140-2 certified smart card USB authentication token, and utilizes smart card technology for strong authentication. Smart Card technology allows for highly robust authentication and verification solutions. Organizational Use Enhanced Business - With secure access in place, organizations can enable business through network connectivity and online services anytime, anywhere, with confidence. Security - UniMate USB provides robust protection of sensitive business data from unauthorized access. Cost Effective - UniMate USB reduces password administration costs and losses from data breaches, and provides multiple flexible solutions in one platform. Personal Use Identity Protection - UniMate USB provides individuals with a secure digital identity protected from theft and abuse. Portability and Convenience - UniMate USB enables users to access their credentials securely wherever they go, whenever they want.

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