Informatica will feature Data Centric Security, which provides analysis and protection of private and sensitive data. Informatica will demonstrate its new innovation Secure@Source, which analyzes sensitive data risk, and its award-winning data masking solutions.
Visit us to learn:
• Data masking for data privacy and security
• Data Security Intelligence for sensitive/privacy data risk analysis

New Product


Secure@Source discovers, analyzes and visualizes data relationships, proliferation and sensitivity that details data risks and vulnerabilities to focus data protection and monitoring to secure data from external breaches and insider abuse. Secure@Source leverages proven data integration and quality capabilities to provide integrated views of data, independent of platform, from legacy, cloud, big data and mobile environments. Secure@Source provides granular detail on what data has value, where the data resides and how it transverses the enterprise and how it should be protected. Informatica leverages market leading technology for data discovery and profiling, protection and retirement, and innovative analysis and visualizations for monitoring data security in real-time.

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