Hillstone Networks, Inc.

Hillstone Networks is a pioneer in Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall solutions. Built for cloud-based and virtual environments, we help organizations proactively improve network security without sacrificing network performance. Hillstone’s technology includes sophisticated behavioral intelligence, data analysis, and deep application awareness to detect abnormal attack-related behavior.

New Product

Hillstone Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall 3.0

Based on machine learning technologies such as statistical clustering and vector analysis, the new firewall platform targets breaches and detects anomalous network behavior. It allows security administrators to discover and mitigate malicious security events within minutes of an attack. The platform also includes rich forensic tools that continuously assess the state of the network and help determine the root cause of attacks. The Hillstone software provides an ongoing Network Risk Index that provides instant situational awareness, giving administrators real-time visibility into network and application integrity.

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