Interset provides a highly accurate insider and targeted outsider threat detection solution that unlocks the power of behavioral analytics, machine learning and big data.

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Interset 3

Interset 3 is an advance threat detection platform. It utilizes a unique mix of data connectors and sensors to collect metadata from enterprise application logs, standing security systems, file-share servers and endpoints. Interset 3 then aggregates and correlates collected data focusing on the interactions between accounts, devices, applications and files. Interset 3 runs this information through its patent-pending advanced behavioral analytics engine creating relationship baselines for and applying risk scores to all entities and events. Anomalous behaviors are quickly and accurately surfaced and relevant contextual event information displayed. This actionable information enables security teams to know when they are under attack in real-time, removing the noise and false positives while surfacing the true threats so that they can be stopped before data is compromised.

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