Engage is a leading provider of trusted solutions that connect, protect, and secure. Our BlackVault Hardware Security Module (HSM) makes Code and Document signing, Certificate Authority, and other security functions simple and secure. With Suite B crypto, tamper reactive die-shield, touch screen, and smart card Multifactor authentication; BlackVault is powerful, secure and very easy to use.

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The Engage BlackVault security platform is a rugged compact hardware security module (HSM) with integrated application software for secure code signing, document signing, certificate authority, and other PKCS#11 / CAPI-CNG based security applications. BlackVault’s advanced cryptography includes Suite B algorithms, while tamper reactive die-shield technology ensures secure key management and storage. A built-in touch screen creates a certified Trust Path and an integrated smart card reader supports M of N Multifactor authentication. With BlackVault, increase the protection of critical security assets and meet compliance needs, without increasing complexity.

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