Dell Security enables organizations to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities created by today’s hyper-connected world, while mitigating risk. With Dell Security, you can protect your whole organization, achieve across-the-board compliance and enable users to be productive anytime, anywhere — driving growth and innovation.

For 30 years, Dell has played a critical role in transforming computing. Today’s Dell is a customer-inspired, end-to-end solutions provider. We have our strongest-ever IT product and services portfolio, have acquired significant new skills and capabilities, and optimized our global supply chain – all to provide technology solutions with the best value, ease of use and flexibility.

New Product

Dell One Identity Cloud Access Manager with the Security Analytics Engine

Dell One Identity solutions – beginning with Cloud Access Manager now include the optional ability to move security beyond static enforcement and into the world of contextual security – empowering real-time, adaptive, security decision. Dell’s Security Analytics Engine acts as a scoreboard for risk, enabling organizations to establish risk thresholds, which can be used by enforcement points (such as Cloud Access Manager) to allow, deny, or restrict access to critical resources both on premises and in the cloud.

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