Cloudpath Networks

Cloudpath Networks provides Automated Device Enablement (ADE) solutions that simplify the adoption of standards-based Wi-Fi security, including WPA2-Enterprise, 802.1X, and X.509, in diverse BYOD environments. Founded in 2006, Cloudpath Networks invented the modern onboarding model for personal devices and continues to drive the industry’s adoption of standards-based security en masse.

New Product

XpressConnect ES v4.1

XpressConnect ES is a plug & play solution that brings set-it-and-forget-it Wi-Fi to all users, devices, and networks. Simple to deploy and use, the XpressConnect ES provides self-service, automated onboarding for certificate-based Wi-Fi in a vendor-agnostic, standards-based manner using the built-in PKI, Microsoft CA, or managed PKIs. The Chromebook Extension for XpressConnect ES enables certificates to be deployed to managed Chromebooks quickly and securely. Integrated with the Google Admin Console, the Chromebook Extension enables certificate-based Wi-Fi and other certificate-based services in an automated manner.

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