AhnLab creates agile, integrated internet security solutions for corporate organizations. Founded in 1995, AhnLab, a global leader in security, delivers comprehensive protection for networks, transactions, and essential services. AhnLab delivers best-of-breed threat prevention that scales easily for highspeed networks, by combining cloud analysis with endpoint and server resources. AhnLab's multidimensional approach combines with exceptional service to create truly global protection against attacks that evade traditional security defenses. That’s why more than 25,000 organizations rely on AhnLab’s award-winning products and services to make the internet safe and reliable for their business operations.

New Product

AhnLab EPS

AhnLab EPS is a compact, optimized security solution for industrial systems such as production lines of semiconductors, LCDs, and electronics, Point of Sales (POS) machines, automated teller machines (ATMs), critical intranet servers and nuclear plants. Since industrial systems demand high stability and continuity of operation, AhnLab EPS is specially designed to protect networks using minimum resource usage based on whitelisting technology. It allows only trusted applications and devices on the whitelist, thereby ensuring the stability and security integrity of mission-critical industrial systems. In addition, it provides a powerful antivirus engine in the central server. Thus, signatures do not have to be updated at every endpoint, thereby mitigating damage and even resource usage. It is possible to respond immediately in removing known or unknown security threats. AhnLab EPS is widely used in semiconductor and display plants throughout Asia and in major logistics businesses such as POS systems in South Korea. These include call centers and hospitals, further expanding to hydropower, nuclear plants and online game servers as well. AhnLab EPS delivers long-term value for organizations through a low total cost of ownership and exceptionally rapid return on investment (ROI).

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