Conference Tracks

RSA Conference 2015 registration is now open!  As usual, this year we will be offering our attendees the opportunity to learn, discuss and share evolving concepts and state-of-the-art techniques on information security through various session formats.  Here’s a sneak peek of the track sessions and security topics we are preparing for 2015: 

  • Analytics & Forensics

    Analytics & Forensics is the security operations view, covering investigation and analysis techniques that help organizations reduce time to containment and incident response, as well as discover and communicate patterns to provide insight and future prevention.

  • Application Security & DevOps

    Given the increasing use of web and cloud computing applications and DevOps principles to increase predictability, efficiency, and security, this track focuses on automation, agile operations, secure design, development, implementation and operation of packaged and custom-developed applications.

  • Association Special Topics

    Navigate the association landscape and learn about opportunities in training, best practices, credentialing, special programs and career development from leaders in the field.

  • Breaking Research

    This half-track is dedicated to the latest research and most pressing threats from top global researchers in the field.

  • C-Suite View NEW

    Security has become a board level concern. How do you translate security speak to board speak? Come hear the experiences and opinions of CXOs featuring the latest trends and issues in information security as we explore the intersection of business and security issues.

  • Cloud Security & Virtualization

    Cloud Security includes security architecture in the cloud, governance, risks, migration issues, compliance concerns, vendor Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and case studies. This track includes sessions on the security aspects of virtualization such as deployment models, VM integrity and virtualization architecture.

  • Cryptography

    Cryptography is ever-changing and this academically focused and refereed track for mathematicians and computer scientists offers presentations of the very latest papers about the science of cryptography.

  • Data Security & Privacy

    Sessions include database security, data classification, regulation, encryption/tokenization, DLP and new threats to sensitive data. The privacy portion of the track will cover an intro to the field, operational considerations, emerging trends, and the critical dialogue between privacy and security pros.

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

    This track covers the creation and implementation of risk management frameworks, standards compliance, effective executive and board presentations, as well as the quantification and management of risk. Sessions will also cover successful communication and enforcement of policies.

  • Hackers & Threats

    Hackers and Threats sessions include discussions about the growing underground economy, advanced threats, APTs, new classes of vulnerabilities, exploitation techniques, reverse engineering and how to combat these problems. The second track is technically advanced and will include live demos and code dissection.

  • Hackers & Threats Advanced

    Hackers & Threats Advanced

  • Human Element

    This track covers people-related issues like social networking/engineering, insider threats and security awareness programs. Sessions will explore how people make trust choices, innovative ways to secure the human and how classic attacks now include a human element.

  • Identity NEW

    This half-track will cover the processes, technologies and policies for managing digital identities, their authentication, authorization, roles, and privileges/permissions within or across system and enterprise boundaries and controlling how identities can be used to access resources.

  • Industry Experts

    With speakers drawn from top rated RSAC presenters, listen to leading information security professionals talk about today's most pressing matters.

  • Law

    The relationship between law and security is growing in importance globally. The Law track will explore topics ranging from unintended consequences due to legislation and legal rulings to liability from negligence claims by private litigants.

  • Learning Labs

    Learning Labs offer in-depth learning and high interactivity before, during and after the Conference. The two-hour Labs target senior security information practitioners (10+ years). Develop your skills while engaging with your peers and learning from the experts. Enrollment is limited to 40 attendees.

  • Mobile Security

    This track will provide focused discussion on policies, processes and technologies for managing employee-owned devices/BYOD programs, smartphone/tablet security and consumerization trends. This track has sessions on mobile malware, application threats, device management and emerging threats to mobile platforms.

  • Policy & Government

    This track features sessions on current and proposed government strategies, policies, legislation and standards that could shape the direction of cloud computing, critical infrastructure protection, public private-partnerships, big data initiatives, cyber threat intelligence sharing, industry standards and security compliance requirements.

  • Peer2Peer Sessions

    The Peer2Peer sessions enable groups of no more than 25 people that share a common interest to come together and productively explore a specific security topic, facilitated by an experienced practitioner.

  • Professional Development

    Professional Development covers individuals’ technical and business/management training, credentialing and career development, as well as staff and personnel management. This track is scheduled on Monday.

  • Sandbox

    Starting off the week with the annual RSA®C Innovation Sandbox Contest, The Sandbox continues through Thursday and expands forward thinking ideas into experiential activities to put theory into practice. Engage in hands-on learning scenarios with the CSI Digital Crime Lab, a Live SCADA Demo, chip-level control of a target device with the JTAGulator, and get hands-on experience with automotive computers with Open Garages. You can also relax with Morning Meditation and QiGong, networking with peers at Cybrew, our full-service coffee bar, and much more! This year’s Sandbox offers RSA Conference attendees an expanded and enriched experience.

  • Security Mashup

    Interesting speakers and sessions on a wide range of topics not found anywhere else during the week.

  • Security Strategy

    Security Strategy covers the policy, planning and emerging areas of enterprise security architecture and the management issues of implementing successful security programs. Sessions will include the structures and tools needed to build a security program that enables and enhances business processes.

  • Securing the Ecosystem NEW

    These sessions explore the security impact of emerging technologies in ecosystems such as the healthcare, automotive, and telecommunications industries, and mobile application marketplaces. We’ll also review case studies of organizations who have implemented third party risk management and secured their supply chains.

  • Sponsor Special Topics

    Listen to a spectrum of experts and security issues delivered and discussed by leading edge companies.

  • Studio

    Become part of our studio audience for a wide assortment of information security topics - including short topical presentations and sit down interviews with an array of speakers. Note – no late arrivals or early departures permitted for these recorded sessions scheduled Tuesday through Friday.

  • Technology Infrastructure & Operations

    This track focuses on elements of current security architecture. The track provides content on architecture, strategic planning, security monitoring, and vulnerability perspectives for security of networks, endpoints, and systems including rights management, mobile systems, devices, and ethical hacking.

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