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RSAC Studio sessions are thought provoking, immersive and engaging presentations.  These are the kind of quick, focused programs that people want to pass along to friends and peers.  

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RSAC 2015 Sessions

Watch Now Closing the Gap: Steps to Satisfy the Demand for Security Talent Jacob West
Watch Now 10 Tips for Running an Effective SOC - Buzzfeed Style Jeff Caplan 
Watch Now Hack the Planet: Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn Mark Arena
Watch Now How Much Does Your Ox Weigh? Crowdsource Your Way to Data Protection Maor Goldberg 
Watch Now When IT Threats Meet OT Innocence Udi Solomon
Watch Now Amazing True Crimes and the Lessons They Can Teach Us Mark McGovern
Watch Now A Short History of Attacks on Finance Marutis Lucas
Watch Now There's an App for That: How the Future of Privacy Will Be Consumer-Driven David Gorodyansky
Watch Now  Sun Tzu Meets The Cloud: Everything Is Different, Nothing Has Changed Sean Jennings
Watch Now Failsafe the Human Psyche to Advance Security and Privacy... Theresa Payton
Watch Now  The Big Hacks, Exploits and Malware of 2014 and What is to Come... James Lyne
Watch Now  Stuck in Patterns - How Your Mind Fools You Everyday Doug Kevilus
Watch Now  The Day My Kids Brought Home Malware Kellman Meghu
Watch Now  Want to be Secure in the Cloud? Build a Casino Joan Pepin
Watch Now  Security Humanitarianism: Extraordinary Examples of Tech Improving Live Davi Ottenheimer 
Watch Now The Economics of Online Identity: 6 Buzzwords to Impress Your Boss Mike Garcia
Watch Now The Sound of Metrics: Using Musical Principles to Contextualize Security Events David Scott
Watch Now Stop Selling and Start Marketing Your Information Security Program Thom Langford
Watch Now Phishing for the Phoolish - Why Hackers Love Gilligans and Their Best Lures Grant Asplund

2015 RSAC Studio Sessions (Video Only)

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2014 RSAC Studio Sessions

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