Winn Schwartau


Winn Schwartau has been in security since 1983. He developed the Enigma, the first DoD-approved Netware security system in 1987. As the “civilian architect of information warfare,” he coined the term, “Electronic Pearl Harbor” and pioneered the concepts of Cyberwar and Cyberterrorism (1989–1996) in Information Warfare, and Pearl Harbor Dot Com (Die Hard IV), also founding InfowarCon. His Time Based Security (1998) became the foundation of Analogue Network Security. Audiences find themselves challenged with original ideas such as Hiring the Unhireable. Provocative and informed, he’s on the leading edge of security thinking. He authored the foundational Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids and Families. He is the CEO of the Security Awareness Company.

Winn’s sessions at USA 2014

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