Sherman S.M. Chow

Assistant Professor of Information Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Sherman S.M. Chow [Ph.D.(NYU)] joined the Dept. of Information Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as an assistant prof. in Nov '12, after Chow’s postdoc at U.Waterloo. He interned at NTT R&D, Microsoft Research Redmond and FXPAL, and has made research visits to UMD, U.Calgary, U.Texas, HKU, MIT and QUT. These visits resulted in U.S. patent applications and publications at venues such as CCS and EUROCRYPT. He is interested in cryptography, privacy and security. He serves on many PCs such as ASIACRYPT '12-'14, ASIACCS '13-'14, ESORICS '13-'14 and CNS '13, and has reviewed for CT-RSA '09-'14. He is an editor of Intl. J. Info. Sec. and J. of Info. Sec. & App. He'll be co-chairing ProvSec '14 and ISC '14. He just received the Early Career Award by the HK Research Grant Council.

Sherman S.M.’s sessions at USA 2014

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