Eve Maler

VP of Innovation and Emerging Technology, ForgeRock

Eve Maler is VP of Innovation and Emerging Technology in ForgeRock’s Office of the CTO. She is a strategist, innovator and communicator on digital identity, access, security, privacy and consent. Maler drives innovation for the ForgeRock Identity Platform and directs ForgeRock’s involvement in industry standards, particularly for federated authorization, privacy and consent. She founded and chairs the User-Managed Access (UMA) work group and co-founded and co-chairs the Health Relationship Trust (HEART) work group. Maler was formerly a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, an Identity Architect with PayPal, and a Technology Director at Sun Microsystems, where she co-founded and made major contributions to the SAML federated identity standard. In a previous life she co-invented XML.

Eve’s sessions at USA 2014

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