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Ntrepid's Cyber Operations product suite has been enabling enterprises to securely conduct their online activities for nearly 20 years. From IP management tools to secure virtual browsing environments, our technologies and diverse global points of presence facilitate online research, investigations and big data collection, while protecting identities and minimizing the spread of malware.

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Passages by Ntrepid | Browse from Different Points of View

Passages is a secure browser designed to mitigate malware and attribution concerns faced when conducting research and online activities. Passages runs on a user’s computer, isolating web browsing within a virtual machine to provide a secure solution for non-attributable online activities. Passages integrates Ntrepid’s global network of egress points, enabling users to browse from different points of view. Browsing sessions can originate from almost anywhere in the world. Passages incorporates data and audit management tools to provide managers with valuable historical information and trend analysis, and to ensure compliance and facilitate reporting. Learn more at

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