Dell SecureWorks

Dell SecureWorks uses cyber threat intelligence to provide predictive, continuous and responsive protection for thousands of organizations worldwide. Enriched by intelligence from our Counter Threat Unit research team, Dell SecureWorks’ Information Security Services help organizations predict threats, proactively fortify defenses, continuously detect and stop cyber-attacks, and recover faster from security breaches.

New Product

Security Awareness Training Solutions

Managed Phishing service
The Dell SecureWorks Managed Phishing service provides fully managed testing, analysis and reporting on employee responses to simulated phishing attacks. The service, conducted by our top security experts, raises employee vigilance against cyber and social engineering attacks, reducing risk to your organization.

Managed Security Awareness Program service
The Dell SecureWorks Managed Security Awareness Program helps leaders build a culture of security awareness across their organizations. Reducing the burden of managing a large-scale Security Awareness Training program, the service provides a comprehensive and consistent application of impactful rich media content, regular testing, reward and remediation programs with clear metrics and reporting to help leaders bolster safer employee behavior and heighten their organization’s security posture.

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