Cyphort, Inc.

Cyphort is transforming security with an advanced threat protection platform that provides complete defense against current and emerging persistent threats, targeted attacks and zero day vulnerabilities. Cyphort’s solution accurately detects next generation malware and delivers actionable intelligence with the ability to verify, mitigate and prevent future attacks.

New Product

Cyphort Advanced Threat Defense Platform

Cyphort has developed the first advanced threat detection and mitigation platform that enables organizations to identify targeted attacks and provide context in relation to the overall business risk - resulting in superior detection and clear steps to remediation. Combining multi-method malware detection with machine learning and a robust correlation engine, the Cyphort Advanced Threat Defense Platform cuts through the avalanche of security alerts to determine the true nature and intent of an advanced targeted attack, what the risks are, and how to mitigate them. By delivering full situational awareness, the Cyphort Platform enables security teams to prioritize remediation efforts based on business risk posed by these threats and how far they have progressed in the kill chain. While these elements matter, they only give a slice of the picture – Cyphort delivers a complete picture combining detection with relevance and mitigation steps.

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