Cyberoam Inc.

Cyberoam Inc is a global Network Security appliances company, offering security solutions for the networks of the future, with its innovative technologies. Cyberoam’s Layer 8 Technology allows Identity-based security. Its Extensible Security Architecture supports feature enhancements that can be developed rapidly and deployed with minimum efforts

New Product

Next-Generation Firewalls for medium-large enterprises: CR1000iNG-XP, CR1500iNG-XP, CR2500iNG-XP

Cyberoam announces the launch of new Next-Gen Firewalls with FleXi-Ports: CR1000iNG-XP, CR1500iNG-XP and CR2500iNG-XP at RSA. These new models strengthen Cyberoam’s existing NGFW offering and aim to offer the best mix of performance, security, flexibility and price to the medium-large enterprise segment. The appliances come with FleXi Ports that lower initial costs by offering the flexibility to add desired network interface modules as and when required, at the same time protecting investment in the future.

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