CSG Invotas

CSG International (NASDAQ: CSGS), a global provider of interactive transaction-driven solutions and services, launches a unifying threat response approach founded on carrier-grade technology. CSG Invotas™ transforms manual workflows into preplanned and on-demand actions that extend your security operations protections with automation to dramatically reduce response times and risk exposure.

New Product

CSG Invotas™

CSG Invotas™ is a new security orchestration solution launching in January 2014 that dynamically shifts the security state of the network at “machine speed,” greatly reducing the time it takes to contain and mitigate security incidents. It handles many of the tasks that security analysts do manually, by capturing their knowledge, automating or semi-automating their workflows, and orchestrating changes to network infrastructure configurations triggered by security or business events. The CSG Invotas solution works with SIEMs to effectively automate threat response in real time by blending threat management technology, automated network control, and business workflow management.

Key Features:
- Builds and implements a cyber-playbook of threat profiles and security states
- Supports creation of new courses of action or pre-planned courses of action, and combines them to effect coordinated enterprise changes
- Synchronizes large-scale changes using controlled automation, with analyst oversight
- Security controls can be varied or randomized, making compromise attempts much more difficult and detectable
- Acts on business and security triggers
- Offers low risk, low cost phased deployment
- A unifying layer to operate security tools

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