Attackers have had the upper hand for too long. Organizations across the world are
constantly overwhelmed with targeted, persistent attacks that impact personnel resources,
finances and customer loyalty. CounterTack’s goal is to put organizations back in control of security by delivering actionable, real-time intelligence in a platform that is simple to deploy and operationalize.

New Product

CounterTack Sentinel

Sentinel is an enterprise-class, advanced endpoint threat detection and response platform. It delivers comprehensive attack intelligence to security teams so they can quickly identify and eliminate targeted threats on desktops and servers.

CounterTack’s driverless kernel module provides low-level visibility into malicious behavior from a stealth position, with no user presence and no impact on endpoint performance or stability. Sentinel not only sees attacker behavior, it captures all events that unfold as part of that attack. This unprecedented visibility provides real-time context as threats escalate, so teams can make better security decisions.

Sentinel combines real-time OS-level surveillance with Big Data analytics to deliver automated threat detection, context and visibility across the enterprise. Sentinel also ships with an advanced set of indicator profiles that automate the analysis of known and unknown threats. The built-in, and learned intelligence over time, characterizes attack techniques in real-time, like antivirus disabling, firewall modification and evasion, where signature-based analysis and whitelisting solutions are blind.

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