BeyondTrust is the only security solution vendor providing Context-Aware Security Intelligence, giving customers the visibility and controls necessary to reduce their IT security risks, while at the same time simplifying their compliance reporting. BeyondTrust offers consistent policy-driven vulnerability and privilege management, role-based access control, monitoring, logging, auditing and reporting to protect internal assets from the inside out. The company’s products empower IT governance to strengthen security, improve productivity, drive compliance, and reduce expense across physical, virtual, mobile and cloud environments.

New Product

The BeyondInsight™ IT Risk Management Platform

The BeyondInsight™ IT Risk Management Platform is an integrated suite of software solutions used by IT professionals and security experts to collaboratively:
- Reduce user-based risk and mitigate threats to information assets
- Address security exposures across large, diverse IT environments
- Comply with internal, industry and government mandates
Available in software and hardware appliance formats, BeyondInsight integrates two foundational security methodologies:
1) Privilieged Account Management enforces and audits access control policies by enabling IT to limit access to key systems, applications and data.
2) Vulnerability Management enables Security to assess risk, measure breach likelihood, and make remediation recommendations.
With BeyondInsight, IT and Security teams have a single, contextual lens through which to view user and asset risk. This clear, consolidated risk profile enables proactive, joint decision-making while ensuring that daily operations are guided by common goals for risk reduction.
BeyondInsight customers also gain a centralized reporting and analytics platform that provides IT and business leaders with visibility into the real risks facing their organizations, while demonstrating the efficacy of risk reduction efforts enterprise-wide.

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