FEITIAN Technologies Co., Ltd.

FEITIAN is a trusted leader in the global market for multi-factor Authentication, personal identity, rights management, smart card and mobile smart card reader technology. Established in 1998, FEITIAN has developed as an essential component in the information architecture of private and public enterprise, government, and educational institutions throughout the world.

New Product


ePayPOS5000 is Mobile Payment magnetic strip/chip card terminal with PIN pad and
verification screen for mobile Phone by Feitian Technology Co., Ltd. dedicated to the iOS
products, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and android phones/tablet. Simply by connecting the
ePayPOS5000 through Bluetooth port to your iOS/Android device you are able to turn you
device into a mobile POS. Customers only need to insert their personal card into the
ePayPOS5000 and payment can be processed directly on the mobile device. The PIN pad
ensures security and meets the requirements of mobile payment companies. The
verification screen allows the end user to see exactly what information is being sent from
their card allowing them to verify the details before proceeding to provide increased

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