Solarflare provides 10/40GbE network interface software and hardware, transforming the way applications access networks. The firm recently launched Flareon 10/40GbE server adapters and SolarCapture software, which turns any server into a real-time network monitoring and analysis device. At RSA Solarflare will showcase application acceleration and real-time network monitoring solutions.

New Product

NEW SolarSecure™ Software Family

Solarflare, the leading provider of application-intelligent networking software and hardware, will be introducing its SolarSecure™ product family with the introduction of SolarSecure DOS. SolarSecure DoS, when used with Solarflare’s Flareon™ 10/40GbE server adapters provides enhanced host protection from Denial of Service, and Distributed Denial of Service attacks by implementing advanced filtering, SYN cookies, blocking, and rate-limiting functions directly into the networking stack. Available as a kernel driver, or as an add-on to OpenOnload®, the implementation of these functions takes place on the adapter hardware and software stacks without involving the kernel or applications running on the kernel. This results in dramatically reduced latency and CPU utilization, while increasing message rates and bandwidth to hosted services. SolarSecure includes an API that provides dynamic control over these functions enabling hardened hosts at the network edge for service providers of content delivery networks and enterprise data centers. For more information, come visit Solarflare’s booth, or contact

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