The Sandbox


Introducing a NEW collaborative space which will immerse you in several dynamic, learning and networking opportunities.  Kicking off the week with the popular Innovation Sandbox program, The Sandbox continues through Thursday of the Conference and expands upon those forward-thinking ideas into hands-on experiential activities to apply theory into practice.  

Be sure to stop by each day in North 134 to:

  • Make a contribution to the Imagine the Future Timeline
  • Participate as a contestant in our daily trivia contest, Break That Code, with host Hugh Thompson
  • Continue the Conversation in the Hang Space with select session speakers like Trevor Hughes, President & CEO, International Association of Privacy Professionals
  • Record your personal security story in the My Secure Life video booth
  • Join other leaders in the security community at Call in the Cavalry
  • Interface with Think Tanks from Los Alamos National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Discuss The Evolution of Movie Hackers with Rick Howard and Steve Winterfeld of TASC
  • Play games with interactive Sifteo Cubes with your fellow attendees
  • Discover the implications of the rapidly emerging consumer robotics market at The Robotics Revolution with Aldebaran Robotics
  • Contribute your solutions to the Solve A Problem White Boarding problems
  • Help RSA Conference fund two water projects for schools in Nepal by taking the RSA Conference charity:water Challenge of walking a jerry can full of water down a walkway

Open to Full Conference and Explorer Expo Plus registrants Monday and Tuesday. Open to all registrants on Wednesday and Thursday.



Red Owl - ISB Winner

Congratulations to Red Owl Analytics for being named the Most Innovative Company at RSA Conference 2014!

We want to thank all of the finalists for participating and a special thank you to our panel of judges:

  • Asheem Chandna, Partner, Greylock Partners
  • Gerhard Eschelbeck, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Sophos
  • Alastair Goldfisher, Editor, Venture Capital Journal
  • George Hoyem, Investment Partner, In-Q-Tel
  • Paul Kocher, President, Cryptography Research
  • Katie Moussouris, Senior Security Strategist Lead, Microsoft

Top 10 Finalists:

White Ops
White Ops detects bots at scale using JavaScript. It is an anti-fraud and security solution that works equally well for the advertising industry, ecommerce and Enterprise business systems.

Bluebox Security
Bluebox Security is a stealth startup focused on enterprise mobile security and backed by $27.5 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz. The company, based in San Francisco, will come out of stealth on February 19.

Cylance PROTECT takes a mathematical approach to malware identification, utilizing patent-pending machine learning techniques instead of signatures and sandboxes. This technique effectively renders new malware, viruses, bots and unknown future variants useless.

Resilient Systems (formerly Co3 Systems)
Resilient Systems automates the four procedural pillars of incident response: prepare, assess, manage, and report. By automating these critical procedures and informing them based on incident response best practices, industry frameworks and compliance requirements, Resilient Systems ensures effectiveness, accuracy and compliance, while reducing expense and risk.

ThreatStream Inc
Optic by ThreatStream is a SaaS-based Threat Intelligence Platform that utilizes a collaborative platform to aggregate global, local and trusted intelligence, analyzing the resulting data set, the automatically integrating the optimized threat intelligence into existing customer systems.

Skycure is an active mobile security solution that addresses emerging security threats without compromising functionality, usability or battery life. Skycure enables organizations to embrace the bring your own device (BYOD) trend, but still provide strong protections and control.

RedOwl Analytics
RedOwl’s flagship product, Reveal, is a software application that makes sense of the massive digitization of the enterprise, in order to enhance situational awareness with an organization and direct limited resources to the people and issues that matter most.

Defense.Net DDoS SWAT is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation service that operates in conjunction with an organization’s already deployed DDoS mitigation infrastructure to ensure operational continuity during the largest and most complex attacks.  It is aimed at the “Concentration Risk” that major organizations face with their primary DDoS mitigation solutions.

Light Cyber
Light Cyber provides predictive breach detection solutions for organizations, protecting them from targeted threats. By analyzing network and endpoint information, profiling the normal behavior of network users and devices, Light Cyber detects and alerts on malicious activity early on in the attack lifecycle allowing the user to block the attack before the damage is done.

The Cyphort Advanced Threat Defense Platform accurately detects and analyzes next generation threats and advanced malware, providing actionable, contextual intelligence that enables security teams to respond faster, more effectively and in as surgical a manner as their attackers.

Innovation Sandbox Schedule of Events:

Main Stage:
1:15 PM – Welcome and Introduction from Hugh Thompson, Program Committee Chairman, RSA Conference
1:30 PM – Most Innovative Company at RSA Conference 2014 Top 10 Presentations
2:30 PM – How to Start a Start-up

      Building the Right Product & Solving Customer Problems – Resources are scarce and runway limited so how do you make sure you are building the product your target customers will buy while validating your value proposition in the process? Presented by Jay Leek, SVP and CISO, Blackstone
      Great Teams, Great Companies – The path from start-up to successful exit is anything but a straight line.  The difference between failure, mediocre success and a major win comes down to people.  How do you recruit the best people and build a performance culture? Presented by Tom Gillis, co-founder and CEO, Bracket Computing

      Show Me the Money – Financing a start-up is as much about marketing as it is about capital.  How do you pick the financing path that is right for you and mount a campaign that leads to positive results with long term upside?  The right investors don’t guarantee success but the wrong ones came increase your risks. Presented by Bob Ackerman, Managing Director & Founder, Allegis Capital

4:00 PM – Chief Technology Officer Panel 

The current security market is really hot for acquisitions and going public.  What is your viewpoint on the future and how to best plan for technology needs for the next 2-5 years?  What products do you think are going to be hot? What ideas would you like to see turned into a business?  

      Tim Belcher, SVP, RSA
      Bret Hartman, CTO, Cisco
      Joe Levy, VP and CISO, Bluecoat
      Rick Holland, Principle Analyst, Forrester

4:30 PM – Interactive White Boarding -  Collaboration and Sharing Within the Security Industry

      Jacob West, CTO, HP

5:00 PM – Break That Code Game Show

Join Hugh Thompson as he hosts a security themed trivia game in The Sandbox! Show off your InfoSec smarts by volunteering to play as a contestant or participate as we poll the audience!

5:15 PM – Most Innovative Company at RSA Conference 2014 Winner Announced

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