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Thursday, February 27

ASEC-R01 8:00 AM - RESTing on Your Laurels Will Get You Pwned
ADD SPEAKER: Alvaro Muñoz, Senior Software Security Researcher, HP Fortify

GRC-R01 8:00 AM - Buyer Beware: How to Be a Better Consumer of Security Maturity Models
ADD SPEAKERS: Julia Allen, Principal Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University; Nader Mehravari, Research Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University

STU-R01B 8:40 AM - Words Matter: Eschew Obfuscation, Espouse Elucidation
Words Matter: Eschew Obfuscation, Espouse Elucidation
SPEAKER: Sari Greene, Founder, Sage Data Security, LLC
ABSTRACT: The language of security is replete with technical jargon, confusing acronyms, inconsistent terminology and negative phrases. Words matter. What we say and how we say it influences decision making.

ANF-R02 9:20 AM - Security by and for the People!
ADD SPEAKER: Leslie Lambert, Chief Security and Strategy Officer, GuruCul Solutions

STR-R03 10:40 AM - Where Do We Go from Here, Now That Our Internet Is Gone
Rafal Los, Principal, Strategic Security Services, HP Enterprise Security Services
David Melnick, Founder & CEO, WebLife Balance

SPO3-R03 10:40 AM - Attacking Trust – The Next Evolution in Cyber Weaponry
MODERATOR: Kevin Bocek , Vice President, Product & Threat Intelligence , Venafi
Katie Bowden, Senior Intelligence Analyst, iSIGHT Partners
Merike Kaeo, CISO, Internet Identity
John Kindervag, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Jim Routh, Chief Information Security Officer, Aetna

NEW KEYNOTE: 2:20 PM KEY-R06 - Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries
South | Esplanade Ballroom
SPEAKER: Peter Sims, Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author
ABSTRACT: Sims demonstrates that the linear problem-solving we were conditioned to embrace, actively thwarts creativity.  Rather, through trying and failing in incremental ways, one gains critical information as they go from one small, experimental step to the next. Through these “little bets”, we can try imperfect ideas, and practice highly immersed observation, to turn our own “little bets” into big successes.

Friday, February 28

EXP-F01 9:00 AM -  Risky Business: Managing Risk across Industries in Today’s Global Economy
West |Room: 3014
ABSTRACT: Today’s headlines are rife with stories of security breaches, which have changed the way we do business and forecast the impact of risk. In fact, several global industries survive or fail based on seminal risk management decisions. With billions of dollars, natural disasters and sometimes lives on the line, hear from cross-industry experts on how they manage risk in their areas of expertise.
MODERATOR: Christopher McClean , Principal Analyst and Research Director , Forrester Research, Inc.
Larry Jensen, Chief Risk Officer, CalPERS
Scott Knowles , Author of The Disaster Experts: Mastering Risk in Modern America and Associate Professor, PhD , Drexel University
Russ Paulsen , Executive Director, Community Preparedness and Resilience Services , American Red Cross

BR-F02 10:20 AM - Stepping P3wns: Adventures in Full Spectrum Embedded Exploitation & Defense
Michael Costello, Research Scientist, Red Balloon Security
Jatin Kataria, Research Scientist, Red Balloon Security

TRND-F02 10:20 AM - Securing Smart Machines: Where We Are, Where We Want to Be, and Challenges
ADD PANELIST:  Akshay Aggarwal, Managing Partner, Deja vu Security


Exhibitor Updates

Company Name Exhibitor Level Booth Number Description
CipherCloud Exhibitor 2115 CipherCloud enables   organizations to securely adopt cloud applications — Salesforce, Box, Office   365 and more — by overcoming data privacy, residency, security and compliance   risks. CipherCloud delivers an open platform with comprehensive security   controls including encryption, tokenization, data loss   prevention, malware detection, and activity monitoring.
Cryptomathic, Inc. Exhibitor 1739 Cryptomathic, a crypto innovator   with 28 years in business, have pioneered Crypto as a Service (CaaS). For   decades, the mantra of securing applications has been to add dedicated   Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Crypto Service Gateway (CSG) allows you to   pool HSMs and control plus delegate use through finely granulated policies.
Cybertap LLC Exhibitor 100  
Cyvera Ltd Exhibitor 2510 Cyvera is a provider of   innovative cyber defense solutions, protecting organizations from   sophisticated and targeted criminal or state-sponsored cyber-attacks. It can   guard against attempts to either gain access to sensitive data assets or to   harm operational infrastructure. Cyvera has offices in San Francisco, Tel   Aviv, and London.
Elastica Exhibitor  304 Elastica is the innovator of   Data Science Powered™ Cloud Application Security. Its CloudSOC™ solution   provides auditing for shadow IT, granular visibility and controls, threat   detection and post-incident forensics analysis for your cloud applications   and services. Learn more at
ForeScout Technologies, Inc. Exhibitor 1027 ForeScout’s products help IT   security managers keep their networks secure by providing continuous   monitoring and automated policy enforcement for all endpoints on the   network.  A wide range of IT security and management systems   interoperate with ForeScout’s products to share information, automate   remediation actions, and protect against cyberattack. 
Interface Masters, Inc. Exhibitor 1939 Interface Masters Technologies   based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, expertise lies in Gigabit, 10   Gigabit and 40 Gigabit Ethernet network access and network connectivity   solutions that integrate with monitoring systems, inline networking   appliances, IPS, UTM, Load Balancing, WAN acceleration, and other   mission-critical IT and security appliances.
Klocwork Exhibitor 2229  
Metaforic Exhibitor 435 Metaforic provide the premium   mobile security infrastructure for Banking, BYOD, Media and Payments. Our   infrastructure includes best in class Anti-Tamper, Obfuscation,   Authentication, White Box Cryptography, Jail Break Detection/Prevention, and   Identity solutions for Android, iOS, and BB10.
MicroStrategy Exhibitor  434 Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy   (Nasdaq: MSTR) is a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software   platforms, including the Usher Mobile Identity Platform.  The Company's   mission in providing Usher Mobile Identity is to deploy the most convenient,   powerful, and secure identity solution, delivered on leading mobile devices,   optimized for biometrics and infused with Analytics.
MITRE Exhibitor 2301  
Mycroft Inc. Exhibitor  323 Mycroft Inc. delivers IT   security, identity, access management and regulatory compliance solutions   leveraging over 20 years of unmatched professional services experience.   Mycroft XSpectra, the company’s most recent innovation, delivers a full   spectrum of IAM services in the cloud, so secure access to critical   applications is guaranteed 24 hours a day.
NetIQ Solutions Exhibitor 1409  
Netronome Exhibitor 1427 Netronome is the leading   developer of high-performance networking solutions for cloud, data center,   carrier-grade and enterprise-class communications products. Netronome’s flow   processing solutions increase the network performance of virtualized servers   and networks by offloading compute-intensive workloads, such as network   virtualization, security, flow analysis, content processing, deep packet   inspection and intelligent load balancing.
NPCore,Inc Exhibitor 2413 NPCore, Inc. (NPCore), founded   in 2008 in South Korea, is a premier network security solution provider,   offering information security products such as ZombieZERO, serving financial   institutions, municipal offices, colleges, and small & mid-size companies.  The company is leading the safe and secure   internet environment.
NSA Exhibitor 1815  
One World Labs, Inc. Exhibitor  2122 An innovator in predictive cyber   security strategies, One World Labs provides a portfolio of protection   services that empower enterprises to defend intellectual property, data and   reputations. Combining the world’s most advanced enterprise-grade threat intelligence   platform with expert data analysis, the company provides the next generation   of security. Now.
Phoenix TS Exhibitor  2328 For over 15 years, PHOENIX TS   has earned the trust of both public and private sector customers across the   globe by delivering award-winning technical and business training that leads   to rapid ROI. We improve our customers' skills by applying kinesthetic learning   techniques that facilitate knowledge transfer and make learning stick.
PrimeKey Solutions Exhibitor 439 PrimeKey Solutions AB was   founded in 2002 and headquartered in Stockholm. Founders and custodians of   EJBCA, today PrimeKey operates globally - in over 40 countries - directly or   through partners.
Quotium Exhibitor  2120 Quotium provides innovative   software solutions for making business applications secure and robust. In   2011, Quotium pioneered Seeker®, a software solution which enables   organizations to protect business applications and critical data without   compromising software development, speed and quality. Seeker fully automates   code & data security testing as part of the development process.
Riverbed Technology Exhibitor  2536 Riverbed® is the leader in   Application Performance Infrastructure, delivering the most complete platform   for Location-Independent Computing.™ Location-Independent Computing allows IT   to have the flexibility to host applications and data in the most optimal   locations while ensuring applications perform as expected and data is always   available.
SECnology, Inc. Exhibitor  106 SECNOLOGY is a Big Data Mining   solution. We compete against SIEMs, Log Managers, GRCs, SCADA, Data   Governance etc. solutions. We have a very specific non-blocking grid   computing architecture which can manage multi-terabyte daily data volumes but   is easy to implement and use.
Skycure Exhibitor  2021 Skycure revolutionizes the way   mobile devices are protected, by introducing an active mobile security   solution that addresses emerging security threats without compromising   functionality, usability or battery life. Skycure enables organizations to   embrace the BYOD (bring your own device) trend, but still provide strong   protection and control.
Sonatype, Inc. Exhibitor  2327 Sonatype's software protects   enterprise software applications from security, compliance, and licensing   risks, while reducing application development and deployment time. Every day,   millions of developers build software applications from open source building   blocks, known as components. Customers rely on Sonatype software to select   and use the best components early in the development process.
Soonr Exhibitor  2023 Embraced by users and endorsed   by IT, more than 150,000 businesses trust Soonr for their secure file sharing   and collaboration needs. Soonr Workplace empowers mobile teams and   organizations to do business faster from any device anywhere. We deliver our   services through a worldwide network of cloud service providers, VARs,   solution providers, and system integrators.
Spirent Exhibitor  627 Spirent covers all aspects of   security testing from DDOS, Fuzzing, Known vulnerabilities and Malware.   Enterprises, government agencies, service   providers, infrastructure providers and equipment vendors can ensure the   security and resilience of their networks and services with complete   visibility.
ThreatSim Exhibitor  321 ThreatSim enables organizations   to send simulated phishing attacks against their employees and provide   dynamic training to the most susceptible.    ThreatSim customers have achieved up to an 80% reduction in employees falling   for phishing.  ThreatSim’s training   method is immersive, simple to deliver, and highly effective.  Proactively protect your organization   against phishing.
TrulyProtect Exhibitor  941 TrulyProtect is a new venture   that is bringing Trusted Computing to major platforms for copy protection of   software. Our first patented innovation is a CPU ‘ringfence’ for encryption   keys. TrulyProtect is applicable both on the client-end, and on the server-end   to protect software from piracy or modification against intended use Exhibitor  839 wolfSSL is an open source   Internet security company whose primary products include the CyaSSL   lightweight SSL library, wolfCrypt crypto engine, and the yaSSL Embedded Web   Server.  Primary users are programmers   building security functionality into their applications and devices.  wolfSSL employs the dual licensing model,   offering products under the GPLv2 as well as a standard commercial license.

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