James Lugabihl

Senior Manager, RSA

James Lugabihl began his infosec career over 15 years ago with the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Information Warfare Center doing network monitoring and incident response. In 2005 Lugabihl joined EMC’s Global Security Organization managing risk and security administration services. He took over the Critical Incident Response Center in 2010 where he's responsible for defending EMC/RSA against threats that directly impact the organization. He guided EMC’s security division, RSA, through the breach in March of 2011. He has briefed countless customers to provide his insight and experience into the ongoing defensive battle, including in the RSA Conference 2012 exhibition hall. He took part in a panel discussion at the RSA Conference 2013 titled; “Advancing the SOC: Agile, Intelligent and Context Aware”.

James’s sessions at USA 2013

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