Brett McDowell

Executive Director, The FIDO Alliance

Brett McDowell is the Executive Director of the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance, the organization he helped establish in 2012 to remove the world’s dependency on passwords through open standards for strong authentication.

Previously, McDowell spent several years at PayPal where, as Head of Ecosystem Security, he was tasked with developing strategies and leading initiatives to make the Internet a safer environment for PayPal and their customers. McDowell and his team drove several open standards including DMARC, HSTS and FIDO as well as policy initiatives at ICANN, MAAWG, OTA, MPIW and the CA Browser Forum. In his role at PayPal McDowell also spearheaded their authentication strategy, including working with global policy makers to evolve best practices in strong authentication regulation.

Brett’s sessions at USA 2013

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