Gal Shpantzer

Contributing Analyst, Securosis Analyst Firm

Gal Shpantzer is a trusted advisor to CSOs of major corporations, technology startups, large universities and non-profits/NGOs. Shpantzer has been involved in multiple SANS Institute projects, including co-editing the SANS Newsbites since 2002, revising the E-Warfare course and presenting talks on cyberstalking, CAPTCHAs and endpoint security. In 2009, he founded the privacy subgroup of the NIST Smart Grid cybersecurity task group, resulting in the privacy chapter of NIST IR 7628. He is a co-author of the Managing Mobile Device Security chapter in the Information Security Management Handbook (2010). He is currently leading the Publicly Accessible Control Systems Working Group effort for EnergySec and is a Contributing Analyst with Securosis, a boutique information security analyst group.

Gal’s sessions at USA 2012

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