Dawn Cappelli

Vice President, Information Risk Management, Rockwell Automation

Dawn Cappelli is Vice President of Information Risk Management at Rockwell Automation, responsible for design and execution of a program to predict, deter, detect and respond to malicious insider activity across the globe while protecting employee privacy. She spent 25 years at Carnegie Mellon University; Software Engineering Institute; and CERT, where she was Founder and Director of the CERT Insider Threat Center. Before that she developed software for nuclear power plants at Westinghouse. Dawn co-authored the book “The CERT Guide to Insider Threats: How to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Information Technology Crimes (Theft, Sabotage, Fraud).” She co-founded an Insider Threat Information Sharing group and is on the RSA Program Committee and DSAC Leadership Council for Intelligence and Threats.

Dawn’s sessions at USA 2012

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